To provide the highest calibre training in music from professionals and quality resources to produce world class musicians in Bangalore City.

Cox Town

HRBR Layout

Greeting from COX TOWN

We started in June 2009  and today, the Wings School of Music has gone on to become one  of the leading music schools in the city of Bangalore. The comprehensive, innovative and artistic education in music enables our students to be the best, to be rock solid musicians of tomorrow. At Wings School of Music, quality coaching and personal attention to each student aspires to foster creativity, individuality and excellence in order to prepare students for a successful and contributive career in music. Our teachers are ever alert to tapping talent and with a perfect bend of skill and coaching through concerts, workshops and master classes churn out the best in each student, to prepare them for solo and band performances.

Join us as we make music a whole new skill; be a part of this wonderful experience!

Greeting from HRBR Layout

The Wings School Of Music is one of the leaders in the field of music education in Bangalore. It is packed with world class infra, and equipped with the best talent in the music industry. We serve as the source from where dedicated talents, with excellence and success as their destination could explore, understand and reach out to the inner depths of their passion. The Wings School Of Music has the perfect blend of age, talent and leadership which cumulatively provides best results for music aspirants. Our teachers are certified and trained to work, uplift and enhance young talents in their respective areas of interest in music by giving them the exposure through stage performances, workshops and other various activities.

Join us to experience this reality and to surprise yourself by unlocking your hidden door to excellence.


A certificate will be awarded to each student upon successful completion of each module.

Wings School of Music has an affiliation with Trinity College, London where the students have the opportunity to take a university level certificate exam. The exams provide students with qualifications bringing them on par with international standards.

Workshops & Seminars

We also host periodical workshops and seminars providing an opportunity for musicians and professionals to meet and exchange not only ideas, but techniques, and practical tips as well. These workshops and seminars are compulsory, and students need to attend them to be certified.

Benefits of Music Education


The effects of music on the brain prove that playing an instrument so singing enables children to do better in school, as opposed to those who don’t. Exposure to music may benefit a child’s reading ability, IQ, and development of the brain. Even adults can benefit from learning to play an instrument. It promotes the mind to stay alert and active, and keeps your memory sharp.


A musician must be disciplined in order to master an instrument. Time must be set aside each day to practice, practice, and practice some more. Learning to play an instrument is like learning to speak another language.


Soft, soothing music is relaxing and stress-relieving. It is the same when playing an instrument; Music is one of life’s simple joys. It helps calm the mind.


Learning to play can be frustrating, but once the basics are accomplished the sense of satisfaction is priceless. The first piece played with out mistake takes you one step closer to your goal.


There is no denying playing an instrument is fun. It is also true that it can become a profession. Playing a musical instrument opens up a lot of possibilities to an enriching life.


“I  look foreword to my classes, which is the highlight of my week, driving me from Monday to Sunday. I honestly think I couldn’t have asked for any thing better.”


“The ability for teacher to create a desire in their students to learn is quite rare. They live and breathe every note, every chord and bit of music they know, and it’s not only music that I’ve learnt here. I’ve gained so many friends in the teachers and students that I’ll deeply cherish.”


“Here teachers have a personal interest in each student. They help every student learn to truly believe in themself.  Due to the encouragement of my teachers I now believe not only in my music but in myself too.”


“Believe in yourself and in your music’.This motto has helped me open out my wings and try and aim for even the impossible. I  now compose my own music, write my own songs and sing, and play the Guitar before an audience and also be applauded for the same.”