The Wings School Of Music has the perfect blend of age, talent and leadership
which cumulatively provides best results for music aspirants.

Learn with Wings

Professional Music School with an affordable fee Structure

Professional music teachers with real world performance experience and music  graduate degrees which provides a high quality music education

Periodic recitals and class tests to assess progress in both musical knowledge and playing skill

Constant interaction with the parents through our progress report card, emails and social media posts to keep them informed about and engaged in the student’s learning experience

Well-planned annual calendar that shows a bigger picture of all the activities and performances the student will be involved in through the year

Provide regular platforms such as recitals, talent shows, graduation ceremony, Jamming sessions etc. for students to showcase their talent and creativity and improve their confidence and stage presence.

In affiliation with Trinity College London, providing students with the opportunity to take a university level certificate exam. This provides students with qualifications bringing them on par with international standards.

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