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Why Wings School of Music?

  1. We are a professional corporate Music School with an affordable fee structure.
  2. We believe in a high quality music education, we have professional teachers with real world performance experience.
  3. We provide one-on-one individual attention to each student.
  4. We use innovative learning methods that develop musical theory, listening, and playing skills.
  5. We host regular workshops and seminars led by accomplished professionals from across the globe.
  6. Our classes are intense and focus on the students, with periodic reviews and tests to asses both musical knowledge and playing skill.
  7. We host periodic live concerts and forums for students to improve confidence and express their creativity and talent.

About Us

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“When my wife and I walked into Wings School of Music with our five year old son, three years ago we were a little unsure of what to expect. We were however very pleasantly surprised when we met Ashley Joseph who heads Wings School of Music. His openness to the concept and encouragement to our son immediately made us feel that we had come to the right place.”


“The last three years have taught me so much about the limits that I can push in my life and how I can encourage my son to achieve much more than what I have and I owe this in some part to the team at Wings School of Music.”


“The first class was an eye-opener. His teacher was so patient, understanding and yet firm with regards to the concepts that needed to be picked up that it was at once an assurance that not only would our child learn how to play the drums but that he would learn to play them exceptionally.”


“While filling out his registration from at Wings School of Music for my son, I happened to casually ask Ashley whether it would be possible for me to fulfill a long cherished dream of learning how to play the drums. When he replied in the affirmative it was truly a wonderful feeling.”